Experts in the Online Back up

Data is essential to the future of your business. While compliance rules are adding to the complexity of operations, protecting information against loss, theft or destruction is an absolute necessity. And as your data estate expands, backing up that data can be a major technical challenge.

Managed Cloud Backup from Ekco can ease your pain. We’ll design and implement a backup solution tailored to the specific needs of your business – and we’ll run it in the cloud for you too.

Our dedicated team of local experts ensure that data is replicated from across your business and stored securely in our local data centres. They work round the clock to optimise operations and to ensure your data is not only protected, but available for immediate recovery.

Benefits of Ekco Backup

  • Peace of Mind: Our team become an extended arm of your business by offering a fully managed & monitored service, allowing you free up time to focus on other strategic projects.
  • Reduce Business Risk. Preventing data loss is an operational and compliance priority and Ekco ensures no data is ever lost.
  • Security: Built to ISO:27001 security standards, the Ekco Managed Backup service helps you remain fully GDPR compliant. We apply our extensive experience in data management and backup best practices to protect data against loss or theft.
  • Keep your data protected. All of your data is stored in Irish data centres to avoid issues with sovereignty and data protection legislation.
  • Simple Transparent Pricing Model. Cloud based solutions scale in line with your demand, avoiding the risks of deploying too little or too much local capacity. No matter how fast your data estate grows, your data will always be backed up and protected.

Disaster Recovery

In today’s always-on world, any unexpected or unplanned downtime can result in irreparable damage in the form of financial risk, a decrease in productivity, customer loss and reputational damage. While the effects of unscheduled downtime vary from business to business, the average cost is approximately €5,000 per minute.
Ekco’s Disaster Recovery (DR) solution reduces the complexity and time spent managing your data, enabling you to recover quicker, lower costs and remain compliant. Our dedicated team of experts will install, manage, monitor and proactively support your solution from start to finish, adding that extra layer of protection for your data.

Our appliances and packages range in storage capacity and compute power to facilitate anything from local failover to cloud failover and instant recovery options.

Benefits of Ekco Disaster Recovery

  • Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing that your data is safe, and your backup and disaster recovery systems are proactively managed & monitored by the Ekco experts.
  • Eliminate Downtime: Ensure your business remains online and available, no matter what. In the event of a potential data outage or breach, we can guarantee recovery within minutes.
  • Reduce Business Risk: Implementing Ekco’s Disaster Recovery solution ensures internal threats like accidental deletion & external threats like viruses and ransomware are eliminated.
  • Remain Compliant: Ensure that your backup and disaster recovery policy and systems are secure and comply with stringent regulations such as GDPR.
  • Cost efficient: By identifying potential threats from the outset, DR eliminates high costs in the long run, as well as minimising the cost of archive maintenance.
  • Scalable:Compared to an onsite or offsite data centre, the Ekco’s cloud-based solution offers more scalability without the need for maintenance.

Microsoft 365 Backup

A common misconception is that Microsoft backup M365 data as part of your subscription, but this is not the case. Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure but backing up your data remains your responsibility.

To ensure your data is protected, it’s crucial to implement a reliable solution to back up your entire Microsoft 365 suite from mailboxes to SharePoint and OneDrive. By using Ekco Microsoft 365 Backup, risks are mitigated, and you enjoy the peace of mind that you can restore data when needed.

Why back up Microsoft 365 data?
To be clear, Microsoft 365 is not inherently unsafe and does offer some level of protection however once data is deleted (mistakenly or otherwise), the clock starts ticking before it’s gone forever. We know the average length of time from data compromise to discovery is over 140 days, yet default settings for Office 365 only protect for 30-90 days.

With Ekco’s Microsoft 365 Backup, you can ensure data is retained for as long as you want it. Put simply, backing up your data mitigates risks and ensures peace of mind that you’ll be able to restore when needed.

Benefits of Ekco’s Backup for Microsoft 365

  • Peace of Mind:Mitigate the impact of data loss by recovering lost data quickly, all while having a complete overview of the status of your backups.
  • Cost Effective Ekco’s subscription based pricing model is simple, predictable and can be scaled up or down based on your business requirements and you only pay for what you configure.
  • Remain Compliant Meet minimum legal requirements for data retention.
  • 100% Ransomware Proof Unlike standard Microsoft 365, Ekco offers a bulk point-in-time restore option meaning you have no protection from ransomware as standard.
  • Retain data forever Not just the standard retention periods with Microsoft (30 days for email, 90 days for SharePoint)
  • Secure access to backup data. Administrative access to Ekco’s infrastructure is controlled through role-based access and centralised account management that provides improved monitoring of accounts and access. Ekco’s engineering teams proactively monitor and maintain the infrastructure 24/7.