KeepItSafe – The Backup Solution that Grows with Your Business

KeepItSafe automates the process of getting your critical data offsite, utilising the highest level of security and data encryption.

What Can You Expect?

  • You pay only for the compressed data being backed up.
  • Easy to use.
  • Highest level of security.
  • Data encrypted before upload.
  • Automatic backup scheduler managed internally by us.
  • Web-based restore.
  • Incremental backups (Only the new/changed data backed up.).
  • Retention (If you need to roll back a few months, we have your data.).

Why Online Backup?

Backing up to an Internet service makes a ton of sense, for three important reasons:

  1. Data stored off-site.This means that in case of flood, fire, or other property damage, you’re covered.
  2. It’s automated. There is no human intervention and no need for tape or USB drives that can be corrupted or stolen.
  3. Peace of mind. Your data will be there when it counts.

Technical Details

  • Supports all platforms, including: Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, Mac.
  • Supports all applications, including: Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, Oracle, Lotus, Hyper-V, and VMWare.

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